Double Shaft Plastic Shredder Machine

Double Shaft Plastic Shredder Machine

Our double shaft shredders are used for waste plastics, waste rubber, wood and other bulky waste. According to the actual situation, improve, research and develop, and launch a series of shredders with mature technology and perfect design, to provide reliable quality equipment for the crushing and volume reduction treatment in the early stage of waste recycling.



  • The motor is connected to the pulley of the reducer and gradually decelerates to effectively protect the motor and reducer.
  • The transmission system is connected by a coupling to alleviate the recoil force and ensure the stability of the overall structure.
  • Conjoined or split cutters and cutter thickness can be selected according to the material, with wide variety.
  • The electrical system is controlled by Siemens PLC, which is easy to operate and safe to operate.

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    Main motor power (kW)18.5*222*245*255*275*290*2
    Output (kg/h)80010002000300050008000
    Dimensions (cm)2960*88023003160*900*24003360*980*25003760*1000*25504160*1080*26004600*1220*2800
    Weight (kg)3800480070008500120002000