PE PP Hard Plastics Recycling Washing Line

PE PP Hard Plastics Recycling Washing Line

The waste hard plastic recycling and washing line produced by YILI Machinery can treat various kind of hard plastic material, such as PE or PP bottles, IBC tanks, pipes, lumps, flakes, jugs, blocks, die head material, etc. The whole production line includes shredder, crusher, frication washer, floating tank, centrifugal dryer, etc, which have capacity from 300 to 5000 kg/hr.



Our hard plastic washing line can assure a precise and efficient decontamination of waste plastics with both cold and hot washing system, adopting the most efficient recycling technologies. The final products after washing can reach very high quality, which can be used alone or blended with other materials into reprocess.

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ModelCapacity (kg/hr)Power installed (Kw)Water consumption (ton/hr)Manpower