PET Bottle Recycling Washing Line

PET Bottle Recycling Washing Line

We offer standard PET bottle washing line with capacities from 500kg/h up to 3000kg/h. We also do customer-made washing lines with higher capacities.



YILI PET bottle recycling and washing line is your complete solution for turning dirty bales of PET bottles into clean PET flakes, which are ready for usage in producing polyester staple fiber or further processing into plastic granules via pelletizing.

The whole PET washing line is fully automatic. Each pieced of key important machine is connected with each other by screw loader or belt conveyor. The whole washing line controlled by general control cabinet.

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  • “All-in-one” solution to a PET recycling plant
  • Continuous hot washing tank instead of batch type of hot washing tank
  • Large capacity of Crusher with alloy knives, low frequency for knife sharpening
  • Special designed air-sorting machine, ensure purity of final flakes
  • Easy maintenance, low energy consumption, long lifetime