Plastic Crusher Machine

Plastic Crusher Machine

The plastic crusher is easy to operate, easy and quick to change the knife; the optimized design of the knife holder, the claw-shaped knife can disperse the force, so that the shearing force of each knife is increased, suitable for crushing thick materials, hard material blocks, material heads, etc., effective Improve tool cutting force and reduce tool wear.



  • All-steel welded machine base, strong and durable.
  • Detachable design, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Imported Ming steel knives, sharp blade, easy to replace, durable.
  • Crush all kinds of soft and hard plastics easily.
  • Equipped with motor overload and electric chain protection system to ensure safe use.
  • Screens with different cutters and different hole diameters can be selected.

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Main motor power (kW)1518.522305590
Output (kg/h)40050070090010001500
Dimensions (cm)1010*1280*17801160*1575*20801260*1575*2080130*1575*20201810*2600*29901975*2290*3280
Weight (kg)80011801250135033004960