Single Shaft Plastic Shredder Machine

Single Shaft Plastic Shredder Machine

The single-shaft plastic shredder we produce is very environmentally friendly, and the design of the entire production line is reasonable, which ensures the rationalization of equipment operation, improves productivity for users, saves operating costs, and improves the development economy.



  • The warehouse material circulates as a whole, the feeding is unlimited, the shredding efficiency is high, and there is no material jam.
  • The spindle is specially customized with a large rotating diameter to ensure the shredding contact surface and increase production capacity.
  • The transmission parts are connected by couplings to reduce vibration and protect the main shaft and reducer without loss of force.
  • The upper and lower sides of the main shaft are equipped with a fixed knife, which effectively cuts off the material without winding the shaft, and the size of the crushed material is small.
  • The electric control system is independently programmed by PLC, equipped with functions such as start, stop, forward rotation and overload automatic protection. The whole machine is automated to ensure stable and safe work. Save labor cost.

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Main motor power (kW)30374555/7575/90
Output (kg/h)40055075010001500
Silo diameter (cm)88*13090*130110*150130*180150*190
Dimensions (cm)325*150*235325*175*235415*190*245470*255*265535*285*276
Weight (kg)36004000600085009500