QX1000 Plastic Film Recycling Washing Line in Argentina

QX1000 PP jumbo bag recycling washing line in Vietnam


  • Project: PP jumbo bag recycling washing line
  • Location: Argentina
  • Year. July 4th, 2018


An Argentina company would like to buy Plastic Film recycling and pelletizing machine. It’s their first time to buy Chinese machines, they were worried about the quality although the price was very competitive compared with European machines. YILI sent the sales manager to customer’s site in Argentina for face talk with the customer. We show them our global cases for plastic recycling and granulation machines, especially in European countries. The customer trusted us that we can supply good machines to them. Finally, we did successfully signed contract with customer for compactor type plastic film granulation machine. The customer was very happy with the first set of machines, and continued to buy another set of machines from YILI machinery.